With Medication Therapy Management, the patient can have one-on-one consultations with our pharmacist. On top of the expert advice

we also provide:

  • Recurring Prescription Refills

  • Medical Supplies Ordering

  • Periodic Medication Therapy Reviews

  • Dosage Level Reviews

  • Drug Interaction Reviews

Feel Confident Taking Your Medication

It can be hard to manage all your medicine especially if you take numerous prescriptions. Meet with a pharmacist for free to find the right combination of medicine to feel your best.
This is different from the work your doctor does and different from the work the pharmacists at the store do when they fill prescriptions. Doctors diagnose and treat conditions. The pharmacists who fill your medicine ensure you get the right dose of the right medicine. Those are important, and this is a good addition. Plus, doctors recommend it.
MTM is especially effective for patients with multiple chronic conditions, complex medication therapies, high prescription costs, and multiple prescribers. MTM can be performed by pharmacists with or without a collaborative practice agreement (CPA), and it is a strategy that can be considered to straddle Domain 3 (health care system interventions) and Domain 4 (community-clinical links).

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