About Us


In BCS Pharmacy your health is our destination. Either you need to feel, live or look better with our

  • extreme delivery speed

  • non-stop care and healing

Our Mission

Is to provide the best patient care along with our professional service to doctors and those around us.

Our Goals

With very many goals for the independently owned pharmacy  we prioritize patient care. We ensure extraordinary customer service,  excellent quality and affordable prices.

What Makes Us Different

  • Caring for patients, helping achieve better outcomes, improving their health and wellbeing is mainstay of our existence.

  • We Believe that we have a social responsibility to educate and empower patients to take better care of themselves. By providing expert advice, we educate our customers on many aspects integral to a healthy life.

  • BCS veterinary medications and compounding service : We know that these services are not covered by any insurance, so BCS guarantee you the best offer for our pet’s health and your savings.

  • No worries with BCS. If you can not find your medication in our store, we will order it immediately with no extra charge.

  • We are committed to continuously develop the skills of our team to ensure our customers are dealing with reliable providers and advisors on health and personal care.